The Tale of 2 Pizzas

We serve our pizza, in two distinct styles that you must try:

Traditional Neopolitan Style 
Using Caputo “00” our dough is slowly mixed, allowed to rise naturally and hand stretched by our pizzaiolos. Topped with crushed and seasoned San Marzano D.O.P Tomatoes and finished with toppings of your choice and blistered in our Wood Stone Pizza Oven. The results are a sublimely light, faintly charred, and crispy crust sure to delight your senses.

La Montanara Style 
Traditionally a popular festival food in Naples, La Montanara style pizza is rarely seen in the United States. Our dough is hand stretched and flash fried, spinning and tossing the dough so it barely kisses the hot oil. Imparting a faintly sweet and airy quality to the dough, before topping it with artisan ingredients and finishing the pizza in our Wood Stone Oven. This will have you looking at pizza in a whole new light and leaving you wondering, what took us so long to bring it to you!